So why give this away for free? A couple of reasons.
#1 - The version you are listening to right now is the "pre-release version" as I am editing final version I am doing the podcast. There will be more in the final print version as well as better polish.

#2 - In this crazy economy we're in, I believe in giving the buyer the choice to make an informed decision. Kinda a try before you buy. You can listen to the podcast until it is completed and never spend a dime. If you enjoyed it and want to support me and want to add Convergence 2012 to your library then nothing would make me happier. I also believe that if you really like something you'll tell all your friends about it. This will help me gain an audience.

What's with the sponsor stuff?
Well I spend about three-five hours per episode creating the podcasts, plus hosting, etc... By allowing sponsorship it helps offset those charges and helps me keep doing what I'm doing. Additionally it helps get my sponsors traffic as well.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can drop me a line at podcastsponsor at

Will you be selling the book anytime soon?
Yes, it is AVAILABLE NOW! You can get it in a variety of formats, all the links are on Main Website

I love the book is there anyway to help you spread the word?
Yes!!! Put links to it on your Facebook, blog, etc... Blog about it... Tweet about it, discuss it with your friends, etc... Anything you can do is appreciated.